DIVERSE ASSETS: Meet our Associates

You may have guessed that we love the catch phrase “teamwork makes the dream work” which is precisely the attitude, vigor, experience level, and enthusiasm that each MBA Services associate brings to the table daily.  We start from the place of being of service to our clients, communit

DIVERSE ASSETS: To Get a Checkup, Checkout DuBose Prosthodontics, an MBA Services Client and a Leader in Dental Surgery and Repair

Dr. Tomell DuBose is a leading Occlusion Therapist and Implant Dentistry specialist. Aside from his extraordinary skills and knowledge in dentistry, his clients and colleagues know him as a gentle individual with a unique sense of humor. Dr. DuBose hails from Detroit where his orthodo

DIVERSE ASSETS: What legacy will you leave?

What legacy will you leave? We all know the notorious planner-type with their fully mapped out life trajectory: college, graduate school, great job, spouse/partner, house with picket fence, two kids, and a dog named Roxy. While we know that life does not actually work this way, we als

DIVERSE ASSETS: How Relationship-Building Helps Bring People to Better Health

For many, the term “fitness trainer” conjures up images of Amazonian women and herculean men with unreasonable bodies pushing their not-so-fortunate clients to limits beyond their scope.  Most emphasis is placed on the results and very little (if any) emphasis is placed on the means t