STATEMENT of POSITION: “Started from the Bottom, Now We’re HERE!”

The lyrics in Drake’s hit single “Started from the Bottom” couldn’t be any more relatable. As the owner, founder, and principal of MBA Services, I know first-hand how far we have come and remain refreshingly sober about how far we still have to go to achieve all our goals and live up

STATEMENT of POSITION: Checkups are for Businesses Too!

Where did all the time go?  Two-thirds of 2016 is GONE…  Poof! Up in smoke!  As incredulous as I feel about this inconvenient truth, if I’m honest, I know exactly where it went.  It evaporated in the precious hours that turned into days, that evolved into weeks, and maybe


One month of the New Year is over and the MBA Services Team would like to do a ‘check-in’ with you to see how you are doing with your 2016 priorities. Until writing this article, I never really thought about the individual words that form the single word “priorities”: Prior – ex

STATEMENT OF POSITION: The MBA Services Back-to-School Edition

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Most of us associate this familiar chorus with Christmas but I love the Staples commercial featuring this song while parents sail around the store, gleefully purchasing supplies in anticipation of the kiddos going back to school. (Check out th